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Stitch is an award winning studio of architects and urban designers established in 2012. We are experts in housing and regeneration and in our first 5 years we have achieved unanimous planning consent for over 1000 new homes in London, with nearly 300 of these homes now complete.

But it’s not all about housing numbers. We have created streets and squares and new neighbourhoods, and have worked with residents, allotment gardeners, shop owners, politicians, council officers, the GLA and of course our actual clients who range from housebuilders and developers to housing associations and local authorities and their SPVs, to JVs with many of the above.

We are focused, efficient, responsive, innovative – all the things you expect from a good practice. But because we are so intent on stitching everything together and bringing everyone along with us, we find the right path for each project sooner, better and with more support. That’s our USP.

Every project is different ; each tells its own story.

Here’s a film we made about how we see things.



Our projects range from regeneration schemes that transform entire neighbourhoods, to complex infill projects with opportunities to improve local streetscapes. Our focus is on bringing architecture and urbanism together, marrying strategy and detail to create places that ‘sing’, whatever their location or scale. We are equally interested in city scale vision, and the crafting of tiny urban interventions.

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