South Acton Regeneration


Stitch engaged the photographer Dario Mitidieri to document the estate in transition at a moment in time in 2016.

Stitch has been working in South Acton on the regeneration of the estate since 2012 with Sally Lewis having had a central role in the project since the early bid stages in 2008. Under Sally’s leadership, the masterplan identified the most important starting point for the successful regeneration of the estate : to bring back the street, and for every home to have a street address.

Stitch’s vision is to take part in the creation of a new generation of streets for London. The regeneration of South Acton is a large scale dramatic transformation from an inward looking estate to a connected, seamless neighbourhood, and each phase makes a contribution to the great new streets being created.

We are intrigued by the process of transformation – both of the place itself and of the growing community that calls it home.

Stitch was appointed by Acton Gardens in 2012 to oversee the design quality and spatial implementation of the masterplan for the duration of the estate’s regeneration. In this role Stitch has carried out several feasibility studies and phasing strategies on behalf of Acton Gardens and Ealing Council, including a revised capacity and phasing study for the remaining phases of the masterplan.


Acton Gardens (Countryside and L&Q)

Local Authority:

LB Ealing


In development


2350 homes

Stitch role:

Masterplanning consultant

When we started work on the masterplan, 80% of residents wanted to leave. Now 80% want to stay. When the regeneration project is complete 32 new streets will have been created.