Stitch was appointed by LB Lambeth to carry out a feasibility and options study for a series of sites around Larkhall Park  near Stockwell. The development of these sites offers real opportunity to provide additional housing and employment space, and to generate capital receipts or sources of ongoing revenue to offset the cuts made to other parts of the local budget.

Larkhall Park is a well used neighbourhood park in Stockwell, surrounded by a mix of Victorian terraces, housing estates, and a few taller apartment buildings.  The local residents value the park highly and are keen to secure funding to assist in its maintenance and amenity provision.  

In order to complete the feasibility study the Stitch team engaged extensively with the council and the  Larkhall Park Community Reference Group to discuss opportunities and constraints relating to the sites.

The study has been used to inform a subsequent in-depth development brief for the sites, as well as initial informal consultations with community and other stakeholders.


LB Lambeth

Local Authority:

LB Lambeth


Feasibility and capacity study


77 homes across 3 sites

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