GLA Architecture, Design and Urbanism Panel (ADUP 2)

The Mayor of London has set out a vision for a ‘City for All Londoners’ based on the principles of ‘Good Growth’. Our submission for the ADUP2 panel was to build on our work on the Old Kent Road masterplan to demonstrate an approach that supports intensification in London’s town centres with a productive mix of uses.

With competing land uses threatening local industrial land, we selected a 1.5ha area of the Old Kent Road masterplan to showcase our proposal for a unique urban neighbourhood stitching residential and productive uses together. This creative intensification of the site celebrates the interest and ‘hidden gems’ of semi-industrial maker spaces – offering a flexible environment and unique character for residents and local communities increasingly disenchanted with bland and singular housing developments.

Verney Road Arches rejects the traditional perimeter block with ‘leftover’ commercial space on the ground floor, in favour of intensification based on an accessible street network with a range of street types. Messy ‘yard’ streets, characterful ‘working’ streets, and softer ‘green’ streets create a highly serviceable quarter with alternatives and choices of movement for residents and workers alike. This model delivers substantial residential densities as well as highly accessible productive space brought together in a distinctive and local mixed-use quarter where a diverse set of people will want to live, work, play, make and stay.




Stitch appointed onto ADUP 2 framework