Becontree Heath


Stitch’s bid-winning masterplan and design proposals for the regeneration of Becontree Heath bring together a number of disparate sites to create a cohesive and distinctive new streetscape in the heart of Dagenham. Our design approach was to create distinctive new street frontages that visually link the various sites together and bring front doors back to the street. The new homes and associated landscapes are  attractive, robust and consistent, bringing a new character and identity to the area, and seamlessly integrating the new with the old.

The site’s urban context is beset with problems of poor legibility and the public realm is dominated by the car. However with recent new interventions a catalyst has been provided for the transformation of the space into a traditional ‘piece of town’, characterized by streets designed for all users, and framed by the active frontages of attractive new buildings accommodating high quality new homes.

The area benefits from a network of open spaces, a popular new leisure centre, and local townscape features all of which will combine with the proposed new family homes and front doors on the street, to create a desirable place to live.


Countryside Properties in partnership with LB Barking & Dagenham

Local Authority:

LB Barking and Dagenham


Under construction


170 homes

Stitch role:

Masterplanner and architect

Our vision for this project is to use the infill sites to ‘mend’ the urban realm of Becontree Heath, creating a distinctive, high quality place with its own unique character and identity.


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