Apr 29, 2020

Croydon infill sites submitted for planning

In 2019 Stitch was selected to work on the next batch of sites in Brick by Brick’s award winning ‘Smaller Sites Programme’ in Croydon, delivering affordable housing on small sites across the borough. We have recently submitted planning for two of these challenging infill sites in Monks Hill.

Farnborough Avenue creates 17 affordable homes within a landmark building on the crest of the hill, which will frame views from the adjacent green open spaces and streets and become a distinctive contribution to the residential character of Monks Hill.

Shepherds Way creates 9 affordable homes by transforming an ill-used piece of green space into a sensitively crafted development that nests into its context. The challenges of the site have been overcome by expressing the building as three clustered forms accommodating the level changes across the site.

These two sites aim to be a fresh contemporary addition to the Monks Hill estate.

To see more about the various infill sites throughout Croydon (including Farnborough Avenue & Shepherds Way sites) check out the recent article on Architects Journal here.