Nov 22, 2019

Sally Lewis speaks at Architecture Today panel discussion

Sally Lewis was invited to speak at a panel discussion about how we create outside spaces to make the best of urban living hosted by Architecture Today and AluK.

Chris Foges asked the panel “are we building the right kind of outside spaces that meet the needs of inhabitants and allow us to have healthy, flourishing and productive lives?” Sally spoke about the Stitch approach to masterplanning and estate regeneration, “We should be thinking about the spaces first. When you are doing a masterplan you should first think about what the big public space gestures are, then the buildings do the job of framing those spaces, so people in the future will say, ‘oh, I love that park’, or ‘I love that street’ – because that’s how people identify with neighbourhoods. One good way of doing that is spotting where all the really big trees are and keeping them. On one project we kept a large group of trees but were able to have high densification, because when you have a wonderful environment at ground level the perception of the height of the building is less significant. It’s everybody’s job to think about those things first, not just the landscape architects.

Sally would like to thank Architecture Today and AluK for an insightful evening. To read the full article on the evening’s event this is available in the November 2019 issue of Specification Today.